Sam Binke

Sam Binke
Stations of the persecution - Sam Binke
  • Born on  29.11.1928  in Lodz as Szlama Binke
  • From December 1939 he had to wear the Jewish star
  • The ghetto was closed in May 1940
  • Sam Binke worked in the laundry and tailor's shop
  • his father died on 23.7.1942
  • a little later his mother was deported to Chelmno
  • In August 1944 he was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp
  • in January 1945 transport to Buchenwald concentration camp
  • After a short time, he was sent to the Rehmsdorf subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp
  • April 8, 1945 Liberation by Russian troops
  • 20.8.1945 Arrival in Great Britain, Industrial Hotel Children Centre Windermere
  • January 1951: Emigration to the USA


Plan  Lodz
Plan Lodz; Quelle [1]
Plan Ghetto Lodz
Plan Ghetto Lodz
Belegungsplan Sulzfelderstrasse/Brzczinska
Belegungsplan Sulzfelderstrasse 23/Brzezinska 23; Quelle: [2]
Belegungsplan Sulzfelderstrasse 23
Belegungsplan Sulzfelderstrasse 23, 1942; Quelle: [3 ]

Note: The occupancy plan shows that Chil Mayer Binke died on 23.7.1942, see also the list of those who died in the hospital and the death certificate for Chil Mayer Binke. Whereby BD-Strasse is identical with  Sulzfelderstrasse and  Brezinska, see city maps of Litzmannstadt from 1941/1942 as well as the plan "Street designation in the extended residential area of the Jews" (credit: 'Kestenbaum & Company Auctionhouse, New York') dated July 21, 1941. The cause of death of about one third of the deceased on this page is "malnutrition".

The claimant's mother, Mrs. Estera Binke , was "expelled" on 12. IX. 42 (difficult to read)  - i.e. deported to Chelmno and murdered there, indicated by the abbreviation "ausg".

Plan des Ghettos mit umbenannten Strassennamen,  credit: 'Kestenbaum & Company Auctionhouse, New York
Plan des Ghettos mit umbenannten Strassennamen, credit: Kestenbaum & Company Auctionhouse, New York
Sterbeliste Hospital Ghetto Lodz; Quelle: [4]
Totenschein Chil Mayer Binke; Quelle: [5]

August 1944 to January 1945: Auschwitz

Buchenwald, Rehmsdorf

Wilischthal, Quelle: Gedenkstätte Flossenbürg
Arbeitseinsatzkarte Szlama Binke; Quelle: [6]
Subcamps of the Buchenwald concentration camp
Location Tröglitz, municipality of Rehmsdorf
Name "Will"
Area Prussia (Province of Saxony)
Opening 05.06.1944
Closing "Evacuation" on 09.04.1945 to Wittenberge
Prisons Up to 4,250, mainly Jews
Gender Men
Employment of the prisoners at BRABAG (Braunkohle-Benzin AG); Zeitz plant
Type of work Clean-up work (e.g. defusing unexploded bombs), work in road, civil engineering and track construction, construction of anti-aircraft positions to ensure the production of synthetic fuel
Comments 200 Dutch prisoners (housed in the ox stables of the sugar factory and in the Harnisch estate in Gleina) built a tent camp on Rehmsdorfer Straße for the later prisoners in June 1944. At the end of 1944, a new camp was set up in Rehmsdorf under the direction of the Organization Todt.</td
Häftlingspersonalkarte Szlama Binke
Häftlingspersonalkarte Szlama Binke; Quelle: [7]
Effektenkarte Szlama Binke
Effektenkarte Szlama Binke; Quelle: [8]

After the War

In the above matter, my client has continued to make efforts to provide medical evidence for the period before 1954, but has not succeeded in doing so.

For clarification, I would like to point out once again that the children's home in Ascott, Windsor Road no longer exists. He was only at the Windermere children's home for two weeks.

Source: Letter from Konrad Kittl to the District Office for Restitution, Trier, dated April 2, 1965, Sam Binke compensation file, State Office of Finance, Office for Restitution, Rhineland-Palatinate.


Further Sources

The depiction of the location of the ghetto is based on the following illustrations, all retrieved on 10.7.2021

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Office for Compensation

Trier, Az.: VA 35 973, 1964-?


  • Konrad Kittl's file did not contain very many documents. The majority of the quoted affidavits/witness statements etc.  come from the original files, which were made available for inspection by the Rhineland-Palatinate State Compensation Office. Many thanks for the support!
  • Further city maps of Lodz:
  • Agricultural businesses in Auschwitz: see wikipedia
  • joint: Joint Distribution Committee, Jewish aid organization
  • Sam Binke gave an interview as a contemporary witness in 1995

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