Max Kleinmann

Stations of the persecution - Max Kleinmann
Stations of the persecution - Max Kleinmann
  • born on 29 June 1922 in Częstochowa.
  • from 1929 to 1936 he attended primary schools
  • from 1936 to 1938 he was an apprentice mechanic and attended the craftsmen's school
  • from 1 December 1939 he had to wear the Jewish star
  • from March 1940 to March 1943 he was in the Częstochowa ghetto
  • worked in the forced labour camp  Czestochowa (HASAG) from March 1943 to July 1944
  • was in Auschwitz concentration camp from July 1944 to October (November?) 1944, prisoner number B 1553
  • was from 17 November 1944 to 29 April 1945 in the Dachau concentration camp / Kaufering satellite camp (Moll company)
  • 1949: Emigration to the USA

Before the War

March 1940 to March 1943: Częstochowa ghetto

Ermordung von Juden. Quelle: [1]

März 1943 - Juli 1944: HASAG Tschenstochau

July 1944 to Oktober 1944: Auschwitz

17.11.1944 bis 29.4.1945 Kaufering

üdische KZ-Häftlinge bei der Arbeit
Dokumentation des Bauablaufs; Bunker, Iglinger Straße (Jüdische KZ-Häftlinge bei der Arbeit); Quelle: [2]
Dokumentation des Bauablaufs; Bunker, Iglinger Straße (Arbeiten im Inneren des Bunkers); Quelle: [3]


Office for Compensation

Stuttgart ES 95 (0) – I – ERS/Me 1964-?

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