Life before Persecution

The claimants briefly describe their life before persecution - marital status, education, income.

Jakob Rajch

born on  10 March 1915 in Lodz/Poland

Biography: November 1939-20 October 1942 Lodz, yellow badge and ghetto, October 1942 to end of 1943 Krakow-Plaszow, January 1944 to March1944 Auschwitz concentration camp, April 1944 to July 1944 Flossenbürg concentration camp, July 1944 to April 1945 Groß Rosen concentration camp/Görlitz subcamp. Displaced Persons Camp Lüneburg, Bergen-Belsen, Israel.

Until the outbreak of the Second World War, I lived with my parents in Lodz, Poland. After finishing primary schools, I worked in a knitting factory as a knitter for the company B. Orzesch in Lodz, at Kamiena-Zulica No. 12. My income was 150.00 zloty a month.

Meier Borger

born on  3 April 1926 in Krakau/Poland. Statement from 1962.

Biography: 1939 to 1941 forced labour Krakow, 1941 forced labour camp  Krakow-Plaszow/Jerozolimska Street, forced labour camp Starachowice, concentration camp Auschwitz (Buna-Monowitz) (accident).

Before the war we lived in Krakow, where my father Max Borger had a shoe shop at Krakowskastrasse 16. He employed 2 people there. I don't know what he earned because I was 13 years old when the war broke out and none of my family survived. But we lived in a very nice 5-room flat, always had help in the house, travelled to summer resorts in the summer and lived very nicely. I was a very healthy and strong boy and enjoyed playing football a lot.

Ester Dimant

born on  3 December 1927 in RozwadowPolen

Biography: Lodz ghetto, living in hiding (living in "der illegalität"), Israel.

Before the war we lived in Lodz, Pfefferstrasse. My father was a clerk and earned about 300 Zl. a month. I don't know where he was employed, I was a child, and I know what he earned because they talked about it at home. I was a very healthy, strong and well-fed girl, did a lot of sport and was a member of the "Maccabi" gymnastics club

Rudolf Klepfisz

born on 10 May 1921 in Krakau/Poland

Biography: Son of a barrel wholesaler, 1936 to 1939 Sosnowitz (grammar school), 1940 to December 1943 Sosnowitz ghetto/labour camp Sosnowitz-Schrodula, 1944 Auschwitz (No. 169167), 1944 Auschwitz-Günthergrube concentration camp, august 1944 to December 1944 Buchenwald concentration camp (No. 124168), January 1945 to April 1945 Buchenwald concentration camp/Langenstein-Zwiberge subcamp

Note: The information here is based on details in the compensation offices' decision on claimants request for compensation for "damage to freedom".

Before the outbreak of the persecution, I lived with my parents and my brother in Sosnowice at Demblinska Street 7. I was in good and normal health and can't remember ever having been ill. My father was considered wealthy and ran a barrel wholesale business in Kosczilna Street in Sosnowice. After finishing primary schools, I was sent to the private Hebrew gymnasium and when the war broke out I still had one year to go before I finished school.

Hyman Olstein

born on 28 February in Lodz/Poland.

Biography: 17.9.1939 prisoner of war, forced labour as prisoner of war  in Genthin/Berlin (sugar factory), March 1940 Lodz, May 1940 to February 1942 Lodz ghetto, February 1942 to February 1942 forced labour camp  Volusz, February 1943 Auschwitz concentration camp #142422, until January 1945 Auschwitz concentration camp/Neu-Dachs subcamp (Jaworzno coal mines), January 1945 to March 1945 Buchenwald concentration camp, evacuation march, 22. April 1945 liberated  by French troops.

Before the outbreak of the persecution measures, I enjoyed a normal state of health. I can't remember ever having been seriously ill. I lived in Lodz, had learnt the weaving trade after finishing Polish school and had my own small weaving mill at Zurawiastr. 5.

Mayer Brandsdorfer

born on 15 February 1915 in Chrzanow/Poland

Biography:worked until 1939 as a baker, 1940 forced labour, 1940 forced labour camp Klei/Bochnia, March 1942 forced labour camp/concentration camp Krakow-Plaszow, end of 1944 concentration camp Groß Rosen/external camp Langenbielau, February 1945 escape (hidden near Wasserburg), April 1945 liberation, Krakow, Wiesbaden, 1948 USA

He was born on 15 May 1915 in Chrzanow. His father was a ritual butcher. Client was the second youngest of 7 children. Of his siblings, 2 brothers survived the persecution [...]

Kl. attended school for 7 years and was a good pupil. He then completed a 3-year baker's apprenticeship in Bochnia. From 1936-38 he was a soldier in the infantry in Tarnopol. After his discharge he became a journeyman baker in Bochnia and continued to do so for a while after the German invasion.

Bluna Szarfharc

born on  23 September 1913 in Pjotrikow-Trybunalski/Poland.

Biografie: Lodz/Ghetto Lodz, keine weiteren Angaben

Before the war I was a healthy and prosperous woman, lived in Lodz and did a lot of sport. My husband had a workshop for making men's shirts; he employed about 4-5 people and earned about 2000 zlotys a month.

Affidavit by Bluna Szafharc

Based on the informative material in our possession, we hereby certify that Mrs Bluma Scharfharc, née Herz, lived in her parents' house at 26 Zgierska Street in Lodz, Poland, in 1939.
At the beginning of the war, Mrs Bluma Scharfharc owned a parlour in her parents' house, where fine men's underwear was made. The parlour was known under the name 'Zefir' and Zefir underwear was famous in Lodz.

Statement of "Verband der Landsleute aus Lodz in Israel", 1963

Elisabeth Bleier

born on  20 May 1923 in Nagykallo/Hungary, née Frydman.

Biography: 1944 Auschwitz concentration camp (carrying stones), concentration camp near Katowice (digging trenches), evacuation march, Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Before the outbreak of the persecution, I lived in Nagykallo with my parents and siblings. I was in normal health and never needed medical help. After finishing secondary school, I learnt the tailoring trade and had a good income. My father had a small soda water business. When the Nazis occupied my home, my ordeal began.

Estera Blum

born on  1 March 1920 in Sandomierz/Poland, née Krapnik.

Biography: November 1939 to October 1942 forced labour in   Sandomierz/Sandomir, October 1942 to July 1944 forced labour camp Ostrowiec,   July 1944 to january 1945  Auschwitz concentration camp  #A7707, concentration camp Groß Rosen/ Georgenthal subcamp, 9 May1945 Liberation, 1945 to 1949 Zeilsheim. 1949 USA

Until the outbreak of the Second World War, I lived with my parents and siblings in my home town of Sandomierc. I was a healthy, strong girl and can't remember any illnesses or physical ailments. My family also enjoyed the best of health. After finishing grammar school in 1936, I helped out in my parents' business. My father owned a large colonial goods shop and we lived in the best economic circumstances [...] (After the end of war) I then went back to Poland to look for any family members, but found no one.