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Places and times of imprisonment according to statements by Abraham Schneps:

  • born on 22 Dec. 1918 in Pilzno/Poland
  • 1925-1934 primary schools
  • 1935-1937 Grammar school, training as a dental technician
  • 8/1940-6/1943 Rzeszow ghetto
  • 6/1943 Plaszow ghetto
  • 6/1943-7/1943 Flossenbürg concentration camp
  • 7/1943 -? Neuengamme concentration camp/Braunschweig subcamp
  • Summer/1943-4/1945 Neuengamme concentration camp/Ludwigslust subcamp (Wöbbelin)

The dates are probably transscription errors.

Reconstructed times and places of imprisonment according to prisoner records Flossenbürg/History of the Rzeszow ghetto/excerpt from file - ITS T/D 253799

  • Born on 22 Dec. 1918 in Pilzno/Poland
  • 1925-1934 primary schools
  • 1935-1937 grammar school, training as a dental technician
  • August 40 to 22 July 1944 Rzeszow ghetto, forced labour camp at Reichshof aircraft engine factory (?)
  • then Krakow-Plaszow concentration camp (deathcamps.org; health affidavit)
  • 4 August 1944 Flossenbürg concentration camp (Flossenbürg documents)
  • 21 August 1944 Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp/Kolmar subcamp, prisoner number 33380 according to ITS information (ITS T/D 253799)
  • 12 October 1944 Sachsenhausen concentration camp (ITS information, deathcamps.org: "the prisoners were taken to KZ Sachsenhausen, where the group was broken up and sent to various camps in Germany. By the war's end, of the original contingent of about 600 Rzeszow Jews, only a few dozen of them had survived ")
  • Neuengamme concentration camp / Braunschweig subcamp (Büsing-NAG) (affidavit of imprisonment, witness statement)
    probably end of 1944 (see Braunschweig (Büsing-NAG) or 1 February 1945 (deutschland-ein-denkmal.de) Salzgitter-Watenstedt (affidavit of health; see also "Reichswerke Hermann Göring")
  • Neuengamme concentration camp/Ludwigslust satellite camp (Wöbbelin)
  • 2 May 1945 Liberation

Before the War

From Start of the war to the Krakow ghetto

Forced Labour Camps

Abraham Schneps, Effektenkarte Flossenbürg
Abraham Schneps, Effektenkarte Flossenbürg; Quelle: [1]

In 1944, I had an accident on one of the milling machines. I hit the machine with my right hand and my little finger was torn off. I was taken to the camp hospital. I was treated here. I had to reckon with being sent to an extermination camp at any moment because I was no longer useful. So I soon reported back to work. During the time that followed in the Ludwigslust concentration camp, I couldn't work fast enough and was repeatedly beaten. A guard who couldn't stand me punished me even more, so that I didn't get any food for two days. I nearly starved to death then.

After the War


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Office for Compensation

Darmstadt VIII/7D18492/18/A/DP/Schn 1965-1972?


The dates given by the claimant in his affidavits regarding his imprisonment contradict the dates given in the prisoner records. Also, the Ludwigslust/Wöbbelin camp did not exist at this time. According to Flossenbürg documents and ITS information, Abraham Schneps came from Plaszow to Flossenbürg in August 1944, and shortly afterwards to Natzweiler and Sachsenhausen (ITS T/D 253799). If Schneps was at the Reichshof aircraft engine factory, then the places of detention in the statements match the information in the ITS and prisoner records. These place and time details also match the history of Rzeszow on deathcamps.org/USHMM ghetto description. February 1942: Rzeszow ghetto is closed. 7-19 July 1942: First action. Shootings, deportations, transfers to ZAL Lisia Gora (aircraft engine factory). 7 August 1942: 2nd action. 15 November 1942: 3rd action. The aircraft engine factory was dissolved in the summer of 1944 (deathcamps.org)/on 22 July 1944 (deutschland-ein-denkmal), the group of prisoners were sent to Plaszow (1 week), Flossenbürg, Natzweiler, Sachsenhausen, according to deathcamps.org. According to the ITS, Schneps was also in the Ravensbrück concentration camp at an unspecified time.

Picture Credits

  1. Individuelle Häftlingsunterlagen KZ Flossenbürg, Digital Archive, Arolsen Archives