Lola Salzmann

stations of her persecution - Lola Salzmann
stations of her persecution - Lola Salzmann
  • born on 29 August 1914 in Radom/Poland, née Cygelman, widowed Kurc
  • 1940 Forced labour in Radom
  • 1940 Marriage to Henry Kurc
  • April 1941 to summer 1943 Radom ghetto
  • Summer 1943 to July 1944 Pionki forced labour camp
  • July 1944 to October 1944 Auschwitz concentration camp, prisoner number  A-14807
  • 19 October 1944 2 weeks in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, prisoner number 30436
  • 1 November 1944 Buchenwald concentration camp/Elsnig subcamp (Westfälisch-Anhaltische-Sprengstoff-Aktiengesellschaft)
  • 5 May 1945 Liberation near Seddin/Berlin
  • 1949 Israel
  • 1954 USA

Time up to imprisonment in the ghetto

Radom Ghetto

Ghetto Radom
Ghetto Radom; Quelle: [4]

Pionki forced labour camp


Forced labour camps for Jews in the "Generalgouvernement"
Place Pionki
Area General Government, Radom District (1939-1945)
Opening January 1941 (first mention)
Closing November 1944; August 1944 ("evacuation")
Deportations The prisoners were "evacuated" to the Auschwitz concentration camp
Gender Women
Employment of the prisoners at Steyr-Daimler Puch AG; Meisner company, Berlin
Type of work Clean-up work, kitchen work, production of gunpowder



Subcamps of the Buchenwald concentration camp
Location Elsnig
Area Prussia (Province of Saxony)
Opening 10 October 1944 (first mention)
Closing 20.04.1945 ("Evakuierung")
Prisons About 750 Jewish women
Gender Women
Employment of the prisoners at WASAG (Westfälisch-Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG) chemical factories, Elsnig plant
Type of work Manufacture of TNT and naval explosives
Effektenkarte Lola Kurc; Quelle: [1]
Arbeitskarte Lola Kurc
Arbeitskarte Lola Kurc; Quelle: [2]
Nummernkarte Lola Kurc; Quelle: [3]

Ater the War

Henry Kurc

I already knew Henry Kurc, who came from my home town, by sight a few years before the war and I know that he worked as a photographer in Radom.
In the course of racial persecution, we were interned in the Auschwitz concentration camp around July 1944, from where we were transferred to the Sosnowiece subcamp after a short stay and held there until around January 1945. At that time, we travelled together on the same foot march that was to take us to the Mauthausen concentration camp. I can testify from my own experience that Henry Kurc was on this march when we left the Sosnowiece camp. Since all the prisoners who collapsed on this inhuman transport were immediately shot by the accompanying SS guards and Henry Kurc was not among the 400 or so survivors of the 1,000 or so prisoners, there is no doubt that he perished on this march.

Nathan Berkowitz, 21 January 1923 Radom/Poland; Stuttgart Compensation Office; testimony on the application for compensation for loss of life; New York, ca 1955, Lola Salzman compensation file, LANDESAMT FÜR FINANZEN, Amt für Wiedergutmachung, Rhineland-Palatinate


Further Sources

Compensation file of Lola Salzmann , Rhineland-Palatinate State Compensation Office: witness statements, affidavits on the proceedings  Damage to life,  Damage to liberty.

Office for Compensation

Koblenz Az.: VA 146494,  1966-1975


Lola Salzmann did not receive any compensation for the damage to her body or health, as she was not in Germany on 1 January 1947 and did not belong to the German language and culture.

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